Our Story


Founded in 2008, PL Collective began in Tasmania by Skye Campbell, when the intricate Tasmanian and Australian Map Necklaces were designed for those closest.  A little way of keeping a piece of their home with them, whilst abroad on adventures. From there, our collections have continued to draw inspiration from meaningful connections and nostalgia.

In 2017, the reins were handed onto fellow Tasmanian, Esther Kelleher, an avid customer of the label and former Marketing professional of some of Australia’s most loved retail brands. Continuing the design view of nostalgia and memories, along with personal style, the minimalist jewellery is designed for everyday wear, drawing a loyal following here in Australian and abroad.

Now residing in Geelong, Victoria with her family, Esther continues to develop small capsule collections, inspired by personal style and pieces that evoke sentimental memories.  Ethical and sustainable sourcing and business is important to her, ensuring the label is ever evolving and improving in this space.  


Ethical Sourcing and Environmental Statement:

  • More than 90% of our gold comes from recycled sources, with the balance ultimately sourced from ethical miners whose extraction methods and labour practices are regulated, so never willfully put supplier workers in danger (e.g never use Mercury amalgamation extraction methods);
  • All gemstones come from responsible sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with relevant UN resolutions;
  • We provide these declarations based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the relevant suppliers;
  • Recycled paper is used across the business; and
  • Packaging has moved from paper to fabric jewellery box, intended for a more long term jewellery storage solution.