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Mala Emerald Ring

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Inspired by a ring worn on the pinkie of our Founder’s Grandmother — and worn as her “something old” on her wedding day — our new emerald ring is filled with fine detailing but not to be mistaken as a wallflower.

Mala:  A beautiful lady born in 1916.  A war bride, a devoted wife and mother of four girls.  Our Grandma  💗, someone who lived with grace and kindness in equal measure until she died at the age of 92.  Oh, and that stewed rhubarb and ice-cream is still up there in our Founders childhood memories.

Fine solid 9ct Yellow Gold band, featuring a baguette emerald stone, designed to be worn on this pinky finger.

Ethical sourcing and environmental statement: All gemstones come from responsible sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with relevant UN resolutions.


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